Monday, 30 December 2013

How to Make an Instagram Cake (Recipe)

The Delicious Instagram Themed Cake

How to Make an Instagram themed Cake via | Recipe for Instagram fans
Happy Holidays to all Instagram Fans
Well in my previous post I discussed about How to use Instagram on your Android device. In today's amazing post we will be learning about how to make an Instagram themed cake. :) All thanks to the Holiday season we thought of ending the year on an Instagram Holiday special. All the questions will be answered in up coming posts as we keep answering them one by one. Make sure to check them out and share with your friends. If you have any questions then let me know in the comments box. Do subscribe to keep getting latest updates on Google+

Today's Question: How to Make an Instagram Cake?
Instagram as a photography app has achieved a lot in just a very short amount of time ever since its acquisition by Facebook and also debates on did Instagram got sold out too early? Well social media has been buzzing with Instagram ever since, But a part of trend of Social Media is Food and when it comes to food, Instagram has become a great platform for Chefs and Bakers to showcase their recipes and food inventions especially during the Holiday season. Also bakers have been uploading short recipe taste test videos on Instagram which goes viral in no time thanks to all the foodies out there on Instagram. Well the year saw some really amazing Instagram inspired recipes among them was the Instagram themed cake topping the list of most tried recipe on Instagram. Instagram has surely brought the food lovers closer to their favorite recipes through both photographs and videos. Well I know my chanting must be getting pretty harsh on your stomach as I keep shouting and Shouting ! Haha ! let's get started with our Instagram Cake by learning how to Make these delicious Instagram themed cakes for our Holiday treats and parties and customizing them accordingly for various occasions like using it to celebrate Instagram apps birthday itself. :)

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