Tuesday, 23 July 2013

How to Embed Instagram Photos and Videos on Your Site or Blog

Embedding Instagram Photos and Videos

embedding instagram photos and videos on your site
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Well in my previous post I discussed about How to customize "photos of you" feature on your Instagram account. In today's post we will be discussing about how to embed your Instagram photos and videos on your site or blog and feature them. :) All the questions will be answered in up coming posts as we keep answering them one by one. Make sure to check them out and share with your friends. If you have any questions then let me know in the comments box. Do subscribe to keep getting latest updates on Google+.

Today's Question: How to embed Instagram photos and videos on your site or blog?

Well millions of users have been joining Instagram and not everyone is has a good niche Instagram audience , so I can understand why a few group of users would struggle to get followers, likes and comments. But with introduction of web embeds you can use this feature to feature your Instagram photos and videos, thereby enhancing your network, niche members and engagement. With the introduction of Instagram web embeds one can expect Instagram to be more engaged then ever and in such case one would like to promote themselves through this feature in their photos ,thereby increasing engagement, likes , comments and more. Besides you get to tell or create stories with your amazing photos and videos. Anyways watch this short video as to how you can use and customize the Photos of you feature on Instagram or read this article.

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