Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Fit large photos into Instagram Crop

                  Fit large Photos into Instagram

fit large photos into instagram crop
Well in my previous post I discussed about How to Open an Instagram Account through PC? In today's post we will be discussing about how to fit large photos into Instagram crop :) All the questions will be answered in up coming posts as we keep answering them one by one. Make sure to check them out and share with your friends. If you have any questions then let me know in the comments box. Do subscribe to keep getting latest updates about Instagram.

Today's Question: How do Instagramers fit large photos into Instagram?

Well as a new user or an Instagramer, the common question that everyone asks is how to fit your photos into Instagram crop window without having to crop them? So today we will answer How to avoid Instagram crop to fit actual size picture on Instagram  Well it's time I answer this question. Instagram basically being a mobile app, uses square photo configuration as a result large photos get cropped by the crop window of Instagram which again has a 1:1 square ratio configuration. To meet the saviour either click on the photo or follow the link given below the photo. The article explores ways to bypass the Instagram crop window . A heading from the article:  Fit large photos into Instagram
Taming the Instagram Crop with Top 8 Free Apps! Can we Tame it without apps? Offcourse you can! Let's start with the one using without apps
Why is Instagram crop so stubborn? Can't they make it flexible? These might be some of the questions that everyone must have crossed through, but Instagram crop is not stubborn! it's for our own comfort. Those who haven't got the idea on what I am trying to explain, listen to this carefully. If Instagram would have customized it's crop window then Instagram probably would have got too crowded and not a user friendly app the way it is today. Imagine photos of different sizes hanging around in your Instagram feed. Well I guess you have got it. So to avoid this, Instagram has a single default square crop. Well no worries we can still tame it while still satisfying the default crop window. Now enjoy the free apps !
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