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Friday, 11 July 2014

How to Photograph the Perfect Night Sky Instagram Photos

Capturing the Perfect Supermoon for Your Instagram

How to capture perfect night sky photos for Instagram via Instagram tips
Capture the best of Night sky for Instagram! :)
Well capturing the night sky with your naked eyes is a blissful adventure as we capture millions of stars sparkling beautifully along with the scorching moon in the blueish night sky. But conveying the same feeling to others of witnessing one of those rare red moons or the humongous supermoons or the simple bright night sky is a tough job, but that's where in comes the another blissful human marvel that is photography which can instantly capture the emotions and convey to millions instantly and with many sky watching occasions in hand lets get started with the same for our Instagram night sky photography as well. 

Today's Question: How to Capture awesome Moon Photographs for Instagram?
Well Capturing bright and awesome supermoons is every photographers desire especially the ones exposed to contrasting backgrounds near the horizon making the moon look incredibly huge. Well in this tutorial we are going to do the exactly the same. You don't need to have one of those expensive DSLR's or those telescopic lenses to capture these magnificent images, even a decent camera can capture them with the settings done right. So here are your tips to capturing the perfect night sky photographs for your Instagram:
capturing supermoon for Instagram via sky watching special
Instagram Sky Watching and Capture 
  1. First a fall determine the best conditions and sky watching phenomenon on your area. I use the time date site to determine the special moon appearances to capture the best scenes on the special days like appearances of supermoon.
  2. Next you'll need is a long range zoom camera or a DSLR or a photolens if you have one along with a tripod to eliminate shaky images. You can either use self timer to capture the moon's best shot or you can use remote shutter release. This not only captures best moon photos but also stars in amazing shiny orbits.
  3. Use manual mode for your shutter exposure instead of automatic as your camera tends to make things blurry as it only captures the bright part of the moon and for the ISO use a low level sensitivity such as 200 which can capture the motion of stars as well.
  4. To capture sharp images use a different aperture and shutter speed preferably narrower ones after f/16. Keep shooting till you capture the perfect shot. This depends on the brightness of the moon so adjust accordingly to capture the best flick for your Instagram.

Tips on How to Capture the Perfect Night Sky Photographs for Instagram

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

How to Use New Tools and Features of Instagram Version 6.0

Using the New Tools of Instagram's Latest Version 6.0

instagram version 6.0 comes with cool new upgrades and 10 premium filters for photo and video editing via instagram blog
Cool new features and filters to try with Instagram version 6.0
Instagram just got a lot better in both photo editing and user experience with the latest version release of Instagram 6.0 apk which is much more stable than it's previous version and comes with a combination of improvement of old tools keeping the small time competitors in mind which provided the more developed tools when compared to Instagram's basic editing tools and also rolling in 10 new premium Instagram filters keeping the already established photo editing and effects specialization apps in the market like the popular brands camera+, snapseed, vscocam, etc.

Today's Question: How to Use the New Photo Editing Tools in Instagram Version 6.0?
Instagram version 6 has undergone a lot of upgradation from photo editing to the user interface and adds in a hell of a punch when it comes to wooing pro photographers and keeping the 200 million plus user base running wild testing new features and going even more wilder with their imaginations and creativity. Here are the key tool upgrades and how to use them apart from a list of newly added filters.Just choose a desired photo and navigate to the tools section (photo editing tools | wrench icon) to test each one of them out individually, apart from different icons the effects have labelled name on it for ease of access and editing.
Tools/Feature Name How to Use these Tools/Improvement
Brightness Tap Brightness to make your photo brighter or darker.
Contrast Tap Contrast to make the bright areas of your photo brighter and the dark areas darker.
Warmth Tap Warmth to shift the colors of your photo towards warmer orange tones or cooler blue tones.
Saturation Tap Saturation to increase or decrease the color intensity of the image (ex: adjust up to make the bright brigther)
Highlights Tap Highlights to adjust the focus on the bright areas of the image.
Shadows Tap Shadows to adjust focus on the dark areas of the image.
Vignette Tap Vignette to darken the edges of the photo. Adding a vignette can direct the attention away from the edges towards the center of the photo.
Rotate Tap on Adjust and Rotate your Photo
Video upload Now Import a single video clip at a time on IOS devices
Lux Tap the sun symbol,in the camera view to turn Lux on or use the slider to adjust the contrast and saturation
Blur/Tilt Shift Now can apply linear or radial tilt shift effects
Straighten  Straighten a Photo by swiping the slider left or right
Sharpen Tap Sharpen to add crispness to your photo and make the photo appear clearer.
Preview Tap on your photo preview to compare your photo’s before and after effects.
Improved design and bug fixes / Adjust light and dark with Brightness, Contrast, Highlights and Shadows / Perfect your composition with Adjust and Vignette / *Double-tap on filters to adjust the filter strength / easier to upload and share videos / Make your photos crisp and clear with Sharpen

So Above are the list of all upgraded effects and tools from which you can add thousands of effects to your photos all thanks to the customization factor wherein you can adjust the amount of any effect applied and add in to your creativity and imagination with Instagram version 6.0 getting an extra edge over the various ways you can tweak the visibility of an effect and getting rid of the loud areas which were not previously possible in previous Instagram versions. Have fun and have a look at the effects and tools in action in this short exclusive Instagram video! :) 

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the 10 new instagram filters in instagram latest version 6.0 via instablog
Cool new instagram filters in instagram version 6.0

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