Monday, 1 February 2016

10 Best Bad Gift Ideas that I found on Instagram

Bad Gift Ideas from Instagram

10 Best Bad Gift Ideas that I found on Instagram via Instagram tutorials and funny pictures and parodies
Things will never be the same again ! #BadGifts
Well we all love sharing our cool pictures on Instagram but the best ones are the ones which are actually embarrassing and at the same time hilariously funny to look at. Making someone's day with our funny pictures is the best thing ever. :P  Well in today's Instagram's dose of entertainment I will share some of the best bad gift ideas that people shared on Instagram which actually were featured in The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Make sure to check them out and share with your friends. If you have any questions then let me know in the comments box. Do subscribe to keep getting latest updates on Google+

Today's Question: What are the weirdest Bad Gifts You have received?
Gifts are an integral part of our life and sometimes they just decide how the other person treats you based on the gift you gift them. Well some people are naturally bad at selecting gifts and today we are going to find out more about them. :D The first bad gift idea that I found on Instagram was nothing but an empty wrapped gift box followed by a pair of denim boot flip-flops. The next one was unicorn hat for cats ッ, wonder sauna hot pants followed by Martin Loofah king. Well this next one is epic and it's a double lime juicer which resembles a d**k ㋛ immediately followed by Captain Morgan bottle holder which put together with the lime juicer makes it a adult joke. (lmao) Finally the list concludes with Potty Putter and Jesus surfing where the Potty Putter gift is for improving one's golf skills while taking a dump. Well simply telling about these best bad gift ideas is not as funny as watching them live on the Tonight show packed along with the punches of my favorite comedians Jimmy Fallon and Steve Higgins. Bet you will die laughing while watching these two broadcast the list of top 10 best bad gift ideas that were found on Instagram. ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ Although this was fun you might want to be careful while uploading such pics because you never know when Instagram will delete your photos in case of getting reported by someone for posting offensive content on Instagram. But still as long as you don't post nudity you should be fine. :D

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

How to Create Timelapse Videos with Instagram's Hyperlapse

Instagram Releases New Trend Hyperlapse for Video Artists

Instagram launched timelapse app called hyperlapse with cinema quality via instagram tutorials
Instagram launches Hyperlapse
It wasn't long when Instagram upgraded their editing tools with Instagram version 6.0 but seems the photo and video editing app is in mood to impress it's video artist enthusiasts and surely why not Instagram spent more than $15,000 in developing the cinematic stability for their 15 sec videos but it looks like in the process they found something unique and that was one of the most fascinating arts in both photography and videography and that is none other than timelapse videos which are usually done by professional photographers or amateurs with DSLR's (big bucks)
Today's Question: How to Use Instagram's Hyperlapse App?
As you already know Instagram started as a photography app than slowly started embedding videos as well after rivaling competitors like Vine resulting in expansion of video enthusiasts on Instagram and it's still growing but the fact timelapse videos usually take lots of time to capture using DSLR's and then the accuracy editing and lots of stuff, Instagram got their hands on cinematic stability that converts shaky handling into awesome movie scenes by eliminating the shaky aspect in the video. So Instagram went one step ahead as they released their new app Hyperlapse that converts your boring long trip, party videos into unbelievably entertaining and short formats with cinema quality which just too much of a premium feature to give away for free to Instagram's user base.The Hyperlapse app is very first of it's kind compared to editing on the desktop as now every mobile phone user can capture timelapse videos of movie quality without having to invest in DSLR's. Hyperlapse allows you to capture videos ranging from 10min (iphone4) long to 45 mins(iphone5) based on your device as the Hyperlapse technology uses the tunneling capacity of your camera and processor so lower equipped devices will simply fail to access this technology.