Tuesday, 26 August 2014

How to Create Timelapse Videos with Instagram's Hyperlapse

Instagram Releases New Trend Hyperlapse for Video Artists

Instagram launched timelapse app called hyperlapse with cinema quality via instagramfanatic.blogspot.com instagram tutorials
Instagram launches Hyperlapse
It wasn't long when Instagram upgraded their editing tools with Instagram version 6.0 but seems the photo and video editing app is in mood to impress it's video artist enthusiasts and surely why not Instagram spent more than $15,000 in developing the cinematic stability for their 15 sec videos but it looks like in the process they found something unique and that was one of the most fascinating arts in both photography and videography and that is none other than timelapse videos which are usually done by professional photographers or amateurs with DSLR's (big bucks)
Today's Question: How to Use Instagram's Hyperlapse App?
As you already know Instagram started as a photography app than slowly started embedding videos as well after rivaling competitors like Vine resulting in expansion of video enthusiasts on Instagram and it's still growing but the fact timelapse videos usually take lots of time to capture using DSLR's and then the accuracy editing and lots of stuff, Instagram got their hands on cinematic stability that converts shaky handling into awesome movie scenes by eliminating the shaky aspect in the video. So Instagram went one step ahead as they released their new app Hyperlapse that converts your boring long trip, party videos into unbelievably entertaining and short formats with cinema quality which just too much of a premium feature to give away for free to Instagram's user base.The Hyperlapse app is very first of it's kind compared to editing on the desktop as now every mobile phone user can capture timelapse videos of movie quality without having to invest in DSLR's. Hyperlapse allows you to capture videos ranging from 10min (iphone4) long to 45 mins(iphone5) based on your device as the Hyperlapse technology uses the tunneling capacity of your camera and processor so lower equipped devices will simply fail to access this technology. 

Friday, 11 July 2014

How to Photograph the Perfect Night Sky Instagram Photos

Capturing the Perfect Supermoon for Your Instagram

How to capture perfect night sky photos for Instagram via instagramfanatic.blogspot.com Instagram tips
Capture the best of Night sky for Instagram! :)
Well capturing the night sky with your naked eyes is a blissful adventure as we capture millions of stars sparkling beautifully along with the scorching moon in the blueish night sky. But conveying the same feeling to others of witnessing one of those rare red moons or the humongous supermoons or the simple bright night sky is a tough job, but that's where in comes the another blissful human marvel that is photography which can instantly capture the emotions and convey to millions instantly and with many sky watching occasions in hand lets get started with the same for our Instagram night sky photography as well. 

Today's Question: How to Capture awesome Moon Photographs for Instagram?
Well Capturing bright and awesome supermoons is every photographers desire especially the ones exposed to contrasting backgrounds near the horizon making the moon look incredibly huge. Well in this tutorial we are going to do the exactly the same. You don't need to have one of those expensive DSLR's or those telescopic lenses to capture these magnificent images, even a decent camera can capture them with the settings done right. So here are your tips to capturing the perfect night sky photographs for your Instagram:
capturing supermoon for Instagram via instagramfanatic.blogspot.com sky watching special
Instagram Sky Watching and Capture 
  1. First a fall determine the best conditions and sky watching phenomenon on your area. I use the time date site to determine the special moon appearances to capture the best scenes on the special days like appearances of supermoon.
  2. Next you'll need is a long range zoom camera or a DSLR or a photolens if you have one along with a tripod to eliminate shaky images. You can either use self timer to capture the moon's best shot or you can use remote shutter release. This not only captures best moon photos but also stars in amazing shiny orbits.
  3. Use manual mode for your shutter exposure instead of automatic as your camera tends to make things blurry as it only captures the bright part of the moon and for the ISO use a low level sensitivity such as 200 which can capture the motion of stars as well.
  4. To capture sharp images use a different aperture and shutter speed preferably narrower ones after f/16. Keep shooting till you capture the perfect shot. This depends on the brightness of the moon so adjust accordingly to capture the best flick for your Instagram.

Tips on How to Capture the Perfect Night Sky Photographs for Instagram